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Spa Package

Spa Package

WELLNESS I (90 minutes)  Price: Rp. 208.000,-

Choices of Massage (Aromatherapy/Shiatsu/Traditional)
Choices of Scrub (Green Tea/Coffee/Milk) Shower

WELLNESS II (120 minutes) Price: Rp. 264.000,-

Choices of Massage (Aromatherapy/Shiatsu/Traditional)
Traditional Facial Creambath & Shower

WELLNESS III (120 minutes) Price: Rp. 264.000,-

Pamper yourself like king and queen a day inspired by royal tradition of java for beauty and glow Aromatherapy Body Wash
Choices of massage (Aromatherapy/Shiatsu/Traditional)
Choices of Mask/Scrub (Green Tea/Coffee/Milk) or Mask (Milk/Boreh)
Traditional Creambath & Shower

WELLNESS IV (180 minutes) Price: Rp. 375.000,-

Just experience like a couple of balinese royal, to enhance your inner power with a series of treatments designed to refresh your body, naturally.
Aromatherapy Body Wash Choice of Massage (Aromatherapy/Traditional/Herlbal) using Aromatherapy Oils Choice of Scrub (Green Tea/Coffee/Milk) Natural Facial Cream Bath using Natural Ingredients Yogurts Splash and Flower Bath

jimbaran wellnessBring You Wellness Not Just
Souvenirs From Bali

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